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I'm an American 20-something woman who has been diagnosed with depression and anxiety. Approximately 18.8 million adults in the US have some sort of depressive disorder, and approximately 19.1 million have an anxiety disorder. These mental illnesses are widespread and can be debilitating in many cases, yet they remain largely misunderstood and stigmatized. Because they are invisible, they are often ignored. I hope to increase visibility and understanding by writing about my own experiences here.

Names are changed in this blog so as not to make anyone's life more difficult. You can call me Nyx, and you can find a slightly more extended introduction here.

Privilege disclaimer: I'm white, middle-class, educated, cisgendered, and able bodied. My writing will probably reflect that at various points, particularly given the personal nature of blogging about mental illness. However, I do try to keep it in check, and by all means, let me know if I inadvertently say something offensive. It's never my intention.

Trigger warning: This blog will contain triggers for mental illness throughout. If a specific post contains other possible triggering material, I'll try to warn for it as best I can. If you regularly read this blog and would like to request that I warn for anything specific that may not be in the "usual" realm of trigger warnings, please let me know.
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