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So, obviously that whole updating while I was in Europe thing didn't happen, life was fairly busy. That said, the course went well and I am now certified, and as a bonus my classmates were all awesome. I hope you have all been well while I've been gone.

I'm now on the mildly frantic hunt for a job, which so far is not going great and has been stressing me out far more than the class did. There's been a fair amount of unprompted crying fits and afternoons of total depressive shutdown– it's kiiiiind of a problem. I've managed to get three apps in, but so far no luck. European employers are particularly obnoxious, because they all want EU residents rather than mess with visa paperwork– this is not very helpful when the goal is to move to the EU permanently.

Tdoc Dee thinks I am handling all the pressure and life upheaval very well. I think that is sweet of her, but only true when you compare me to me, not when you compare me to people who can function like normal humans. (I may be a bit frustrated. Just a bit.)
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Sorry about the lack of posting. Good news: I am going to France for a month to do that English-teaching certification I mentioned. Bad news: this means I have been SO BUSY getting ready. I leave at the end of the week. EGADS. That said, I have been handling the attendant stress reasonably well, primarily by having so much to accomplish I don't have time to think about it too much.

That said, I am concerned about being a student again, because that worked out sooooo well last time. /sarcasm. I suppose even if I stress myself into insanity, at least it's only a month. I consider this a pretty important test of the coping strategies and skills I've been working on with tdoc Dee for the last year– if I can't handle this, it's a serious red flag for any subsequent plans of moving there to work on a long-term basis.

So far mostly I've just felt lazy about doing my prep reading, though– I think a year away from academia has spoiled me!

I'll probably be too busy to update for a little while, but I'll try to post once I've settled in. Ta!


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