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Kind of a slim month for the carnival, but here it is!

Over at A Multitude of Musings, Astrid writes A Self Care Plan for Triggers, listing her known triggers and ways to cope.

CBTish writes about the varied and potentially misleading ways of defining depression and finding individual solutions for self-care in The Net.

Finally, here at Miss Invisible, I discussed the role my pets play in my self-care in my post Pets and Depression.
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As the savvy among you may have surmised from my absence, I've had a rough patch recently that's gotten in the way of me updating here. I seem to have developed an unexpected nasty side of social anxiety to go with the garden-variety stuff, as well as serious issues with going anywhere outside my 'known territory.' Needless to say, it's inconvenient at best.

However, that's not actually what I want to talk about right now. Read more... )


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